Summerize your RV

Summerize your RV at Voyager RV

RV Summerize & Safety Pkg.
$125.00 Reg $169.00

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What's included in your RV Summerizing package:

  • RV Roof check and inspection
  • Propane gas system check
  • Running fresh water through water system to eliminate antifreeze from lines
  • Set the Bypass line to the proper valve position for the water heater
  • Installing plugs for water heater, fresh tank and low point drains
  • Filling water heater with fresh water
  • Pressurizing water system and inspecting for leaks

Mobile RV Summerizing package:

Mobile RV Summerizing.
$125.00 Reg $169.00
*Plus applicable service call fee

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Mobile RV Summerize Special

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We have put together a video on how to summerize your RV if you decide to do it yourself.

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