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Voyager RV will Service All Makes & Models of RVs

Since 1984, Voyager RV has been the leader in providing RVers with their RV Service repairs, maintenance & warranty work. Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff will schedule your RV in with one of our certified RV technicians, so that your RV can be all ready to fully enjoy your camping days. From tent trailers to diesel pushers, we can maintain and fix every RV.

Bearing Repack
Double $419.00
Single $230.26
Bearing Repack
Done annually or every 19000km. Grease seals extra, prices vary by axle size
  • Inspect brake shoes, bearings and magnets
  • Clean & repack
  • Adjust brake linings as needed
  • Verify operation of elec brake magnets & break-away switch
Battery Maintenance
Battery Maintenance
Batteries should be inspected monthly
  • Clean battery terminals
  • Check battery cables
  • Perform a load test
  • Perform hydrometer test (excludes maintenance free)
  • Report on condition of battery
Propane Maintenance Propane
Gas Leak Test Only $67.60
Propane Maintenance
Should be performed annually or every 8000km
  • Propane pressure test
  • Adjust working pressure
  • Inspect regulator
  • Inspect LP detector
  • Perform gas leak test
Refrigerator Service
Refrigerator Service
Inspect for proper flame every 3 months & serviced annually
  • Verify air tight in compartment
  • Inspect for proper ventilation
  • Clean burner and orifice of bugs, nests and dirt
  • Inspect and test all door seals
  • Check LP pressure at fridge
  • Check proper voltage at fridge
Oven/Range Service
Oven/Range Service
Should be serviced annually
  • Check for proper propane pressure
  • Adjust Propane pressure as needed
  • Check for accumulation of dirt, grease, dust or spiderwebs on burners
  • Light each range burner and check for variable flame
  • Test oven temperature and adjust if possible to 50deg of set point
Water Heater Service
Water Heater Service
Should be serviced annually
  • Check condition of anode rod if applicable
  • Function test relief valve
  • Remove and check burner assembly, remove nests, bugs, webs, dirt, ect.
  • Adjust burners and electrodes
  • Check thermocouple if applicable
  • Check module board and electrical connections & Test operation
Furnace Service
Furnace Service
Should be serviced annually
  • Remove furnace and bench test
  • Clean main burner orifice
  • Clean blower wheel
  • Clean, inspect, and adjust electrode assembly
  • Test module board
  • Inspect and clean board contacts
  • Inspect combustion chamber for obvious damage of defects
Complete Seal Inspection
Up to 27’ $375.00
Over 28’ $525.00
Complete Seal Inspection
  • Sealtech leak finder
  • Locates hard to find leaks
  • Prevents costly structural repairs
  • Pinpoints actual outer surface leaks, which could be a different area then visible interior moisture
  • Locate developing leaks before water damage occurs
Maintenance Special $199.00
Add tandem Bearing Repack and brake adjustment for an additional  $349.00
RV Services
  • Test plumbing for leaks
  • Test GFI plugs
  • Check Tires and adjust to proper inflation
  • Torque lug nuts
  • Check expiry dates and Test all detectors: Smoke, CO, Propane
  • Replace batteries in all detectors
  • Perform a propane leak test
  • Operate and test all propane appliances
  • Clean and test two batteries and cables
  • Check roof and sidewall seals
  • Check fire extinguisher
  • Lubricate entry and compartment doors and locks
  • Lubricate entry step
  • Test brake-away switch
  • Test exterior lights

We now also provide Mobile RV Service

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Service Department at Voyager RV
Service Department at Voyager RV
Service Department at Voyager RV

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