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Reg Pixton, our purchase and consignment manager has been with Voyager RV since the very beginning in 1984. He has a great knowledge of the entire RV industry, and knows RV market values as well as anybody.

Reg has helped over 5,000 people sell their RV thru our RV listing service to-date, and he can do the same for you! We’ll use the power of our Voyager RV brand, our top-rated RV website, and our experienced RV Sales team to get your RV sold!

There are no confusing percentage’s taken by the dealer, just an agreed-upon fair market value for your RV, that when we sell it, will be paid directly to you! We also have professional drivers who can pick up your RV and deliver it to Voyager RV, making it as easy as possible for you!

If you’re trying to sell your RV, just fill in the form below to get a free no-obligation, accurate appraisal of your RV.

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